Who’s on high ground?

What’s the dirt on The Malibu Times quote of a Pepperdine representative with the modest and humble assertion that Pepperdine was the only school “grounded in moral and ethical values.” I don’t want to create a ground swell but does this make Yale, Yeshiva, USC, UCLA, Cal Tech and countless universities located between, groundless chopped liver?

I understand that Pepperdine gerrymandered out of the city of Malibu and now wants to overbuild in an environmentally sensitive area. These events are grounded in shrewd business strategies, and it is a tad dishonest to claim a moral and ethical high ground.

I don’t want to ground the person who claims that their university is the only school grounded in moral and ethical values. I wish them well, but I do suggest that they unearth their grounds.

Donald M. Desfor

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