Trendy Cafe


    There’s a trendy cafe where people of fame

    Get reservations because of their name

    The decor is abstract and so is the food

    The acoustics are bad and the waiters are rude

    When I got a call from my friends to say

    “We’ll take you to dine there,

    We’re coming your way,”

    I tried to dissuade them, but they didn’t care

    They had read all about it in Vanity Fair

    The din was distracting and the food not improved

    The waiter was distant, his thoughts far removed

    Our guesses proved right, (true to our suspicion,)

    He was calling his agent about his audition

    You may still want to try it, so what the heck!

    But don’t be surprised when you see the check!

    Geraldine Forer Spagnoli