Letter: Poison Free Parks

Letter to the Editor

Spring is in the air according to Jimy Tallal’s article, “Use of pesticides continues in City of Malibu Parks,” in the April 21 edition, however, it is not in Solstice Canyon.

We were hiking there last week and observed the spraying of glysophate with a leaking truck that dropped all of the pesticides along the hiking trail. Not a single butterfly was in sight the day after the spraying. When we asked the sprayer if the chemical was harmful to plants or animals, he just shrugged his shoulders and said no. 

It is so sad that we let people do this — let alone these federal agencies controlling our parks. If it harms as many animals as your article mentioned, how on earth can it not harm humans?

It is tough to pull weeds, but it would be a great opportunity to give Conservation Corps volunteers a great job. We should have poison free national and local parks. With so many birds and plants on the endangered species list, we cannot afford to harm them further.

Cecelia Kennelly-Waeschle