Letter: Fighting the Feds

Letter to the Editor

In response to the story, “Tanaka found guilty,” in the April 14 edition, he is guilty but he knew how to fight the feds. As of now, we have the sheriffs’ puppets of the NSA and FBI. 

You folks have fire brush around Malibu and I have seen the fed burn half the Angeles Forest to monitor people put on their shit list because some NAACP-ers want to continue a 100-year feud on white trash that could not move out their domain in west Pasadena. So, your local station ends up on Mideast news websites with local puppets explaining the regime’s reign of terror on their opposition. While this regime starts fights in the Mideast, it can it not finish, i.e. creating ISIS to fight the Persians. That backfired like Al Qaeda did when fighting the Russians in Afghanistan.

Bryan Ranger