Letter: Tree Talk

Letter to the Editor

To everyone concerned about the potential loss of trees on PCH to satisfy the La Paz development in the Civic Center — it is important for everyone to know that we are not just talking about the historic sycamore tree here, but the five historic eucalyptus trees as well. 

These trees are sometimes referred to as “non-native” as if this somehow makes them less valuable than the Sycamore. Every tree in Malibu is immensely valuable to our well being and our environment. Commercial development on the other hand is generally not, and to suggest that the loss of mature trees can be mitigated by planting saplings which will take decades to mature (if they survive) is ridiculous and an insult to one’s intelligence. There is supposedly a verbal deal in place to save the trees, but let’s make sure we’re talking about all of the trees and not just one.

Graeme Clifford