Letter: Reaching Out

Letter to the Editor

The following was sent to Superintendent Lyon and the SMMUSD Board.

Can you please provide the courtesy of a response to this now almost one-month-old email and very simple question?  

I am truly astounded and disappointed that no one within your organization has taken the time to respond to this important question that many parents would like an answer to. Sandra, you previously, personally communicated to me in writing that your policy was to respond to parent questions within as close to 24 hours as possible. I understand it is summer and maybe you needed an extra day or two …  however, given it has been one month, I assume you should be able to respond tomorrow, or Monday at the latest.   

How are the parents of Malibu supposed to feel like you have any respect for us, or care about our question or concerns if you do not provide the simple courtesy of a response to our questions in a timely manner? And when it comes to questions related to PCBs, many seem to just go completely ignored.

Is it now your policy to ignore questions you do not like? How can this possibly be considered acceptable of school district leaders? What type of leadership is this … leadership in “non-communication”?     

Hoping to receive the courtesy of a prompt, thorough/detailed response. I have personally heard from many on this distribution list that they are waiting to hear from you on this topic too. Thank you.

Beth Lucas