Letter: Ripped Off

Letter to the Editor

I stopped for gas at the USA Gasoline station on Heathercliff Rd. on Oct. 30 a bit after 5 p.m. The price for regular was clearly marked $3.55 on a big sign. I used pump No. 7. When I put in my credit card and pushed on 87 for regular unleaded, I noticed the price did not show up in the little window above the 87. I also checked 89 and for premium 91 and no price was visible, so I wasn’t overly concerned. When I finished filling the car, I was shocked to see I was charged $60.43 for premium gas at $3.759 per gallon.

I went into the shop to tell the man about the error and he asked, “You used No. 7?” I said I did, but I knew I had selected the lowest grade 87. He told me he was new and I’d have to wait for a different employee. A different employee appeared and pretended to not understand a word I was saying.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only person who experienced the 20-cent overcharge per gallon on Oct. 30. Please let me know if you were also a victim of USA Gasoline on Heathercliff Rd.

Agnes Peterson