Letter: Woolsey Fire Heroes

Letter to the Editor

Woolsey Fire heroes

I actually worked at The Malibu Times in 1980-81. Wanted to pass along some info. Was helping during the fires and noted some heroes:

1. Duke’s staff cook, Matthew Wooldridge (?) and general manager, James Chavez, walked in and opened up, stayed open and fed truckloads of starving, exhausted firefighters on Saturday—a.m. and p.m.— and Sunday during the fires!

2. Blankets of Love gave away mountains of dog, cat, rabbit, etc. food, beds, leashes, dishes, litter and litter boxes at the shelters in the valley. They had a truck at Pierce, and donated van loads to rescue groups in Thousand Oaks and other areas. No Petco or anyone else offering this volume of pet supplies. Brad deserves recognition.

3. Please get the word out about this flyer’s business [cremains recovery from the Institute for Canine Forensics]! No one know this service exists. They will help fire victims find the cremains of prior deceased loved ones, but they need to call to get instructions before disturbing the site so they do the correct things to ensure the cremains stay mostly together.

Maeve Meighan