Token support


    I am a lover of history and I have a somewhat unusual hobby. I collect old tokens used by stores, barber shops, pool halls, bakeries, saloons, forts, and other businesses years ago. The tokens were “good for” 5 cents, 10 cents, 12 cents or such in trade or merchandise or “good for” a loaf of bread, one drink, one shave, one ride or whatever. They were usually made of metal, and while having the general appearance of a coin, they were made in all shapes and sizes.

    I know that this request is relatively unimportant, but as our elderly pass away and the younger members of the family inherit their possessions, tokens and other items are considered junk and thrown out. I do get a great deal of enjoyment from my hobby and I do believe that these concrete reminders of our great heritage are worth preserving.

    I have reason to believe that some of these tokens were used in your area and I would be most interested in obtaining some of them for my collection.

    I would like to hear from anyone having one or more of these tokens or from anyone that might be able to help me. Any help that you can give of any kind is greatly appreciated. My address is Travis Roberts, Box 1168, Bellaire, Texas 77402.

    Thank you kindly in advance and best wishes.

    Travis Roberts