The future is Gray


    As a horse owner and friend of Larry and Lori Gray, I am writing in response to Mrs. Gold’s letter dated Dec. 17.

    Malibu’s future rests in the hands and hard work of its young families, their community spirit and involvement. The Grays exemplify everything that is positive about Malibu. They are involved in the community and their children’s schools and have invited many, including our family, to share in their holiday joy. They are kind and giving people and live for the times their family can enjoy their horses together. We, especially in this country, are blessed with the opportunity to have pets in our homes that are more than livestock, they are truly members of the family. The reality with horses is they can and do find ways out of barns and corrals.

    Nobody wants that to happen, but it does. The Grays didn’t want their horses to get out and be in danger, no more than they would wish any other family member to be placed in harm’s way. The Grays are mourning the death of one of their horses – a member of the family. They have taken responsibility for it – to the point that they have doubled fenced their corrals. For someone to wish “they will pay” is not helping the problem, rather it is throwing gasoline on the fire of this family’s grief.

    Mrs. Gold stated that she was waiting to hear that the “owners will be cited. . .” Let us hope the New Year will bring Mrs. Gold a more thoughtful and positive approach to her concerns – such as volunteering at one of our local animal shelters. Maybe then she could understand and step forward in support of the Grays in their time of grief rather than criticizing from afar.

    Bill Reynolds