Protesting in song


    A recent letter to the editor of a local paper revealed that royalty can be found in west Malibu. The writer very graciously sang this little song for me.

    “This Land is My Land”

    Words by Marie Antoinette. Music by Woody Guthrie

    This land’s not your land,

    This land is MY land.

    From the surfside waters

    To the mountain highland

    From the Civic Center

    To the deep blue sea,

    This land was put here just for me.

    I want no playfields

    Near the PC Highway.

    That road was built

    Just to be my byway.

    So take your children and all your kiddies

    And move on back to some other cities.

    (Chorus) This land’s not your land, etc.

    Pack up your seniors and their BVD’s

    And march them South on their creaky knees

    They need no Center in which to play,

    I like to see them, but from far away.


    Then leave my hills and fields of weeds

    A simple swamp will meet my needs.

    A lovely wetlands for birds and fish

    And you have met my regal wish

    (Chorus) Everybody sing!

    This land’s not your land.

    This land is MY land, etc.

    As sung to: Bob Rubenstein