A not-so-fond farewell


    So the city has a “going away” party for a do-nothing city manager. When is he going away? Or, did I read correctly, is he hired back as a city consultant? How much is he being paid for consulting? Did the voters approve that amount? By the way, how much of the taxpayer money went to pay for his party?

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s not just him. Now we have a mayor, (by the way, I voted for him), that is served in open forum. How can we ever believe any his policies are for nothing other than ideas to get him out of hock, and NOT in the best interests of Malibu???

    It’s time for them to move out ASAP.

    If these types of incompetent people continue to be put in charge of Malibu, I think the next agenda you’ll be reading about is the rollback of Malibu city back to the County of Los Angeles.

    Bradford Phearson III