Malibu Seen / By Kim Devore

Charlize Theron is set to pick up another honor. Photo by WireImage


Local beauty Charlize Theron has plenty of awards on her mantel, but there’s always room for one more. She will receive the Human Rights Campaign’s Ally for Equality Award.

The civil rights organization hosts its annual gala on March 17 at the Ritz-Carlton L.A. “Hardball” host Chris Matthews and wife Kathleen will also be honored for their efforts on behalf of the community.


Every year the Santa Monica Museum of Art hosts a mad dash for one-of-a kind works of art. But now “Incognito” has become so popular, it’s launched PREcognito, and the sneak peak begins tonight.

The exhibition and benefit art sale gives you a chance to grace your walls with an original by some of the country’s leading artists-including John Baldessari, Judy Chicago, Charles Gaines, Yoko Ono and Ed Ruscha-to name a few.

All works are 8” x 10” and available for a purchase price of $350. But there’s always a surprise to this unusual fundraiser. You’ll be selecting 650 originals from 500 talented artists, but their identities won’t be revealed until after the purchase. It’s sort of like going into a bar in the ’70s, you never know whom you’re going to go home with.

It’s a fun-filled evening that benefits the art museum and really leaves you guessing. The preview begins Thurs., March 15, leading up to the main event on Saturday.


Twenty debates, nonstop coverage on CNN and Fox, countless screaming heads. Can’t get enough? Why not relive elections of yesteryear? Talented Malibu actor Ed Harris has been playing a pivotal part in making that happen. Ed is appearing in a new HBO movie called “Game Change.” Ed stars as candidate John McCain. The story is told through the eyes of political strategist Steve Schmidt, played by Woody Harrelson. Actress Julianne Moore does a knockout job as former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in a compelling story about the 2008 presidential election. There’s all the hockey mom, lipstick on a pit bull and drama involved. But Julianne even outdoes Tina Fey in a spot-on portrayal of Palin. She brings intensity rather than just pure comedy to the role. It also tells the fascinating tale of a woman who went from a largely unknown governor to a conservative media darling.

Ed admits the role was “tricky,” as well as enlightening. “It gives us an insight to what it is like running a campaign,” he says, “but also gives you an understanding about what politics is all about.”

The production is based on the best selling book. Writer Danny Strong said he aimed to “accurately portray” the pressure Palin was under for “someone who had never been on the national stage, who was thrust on it literally overnight.”

Ed meantime has been a busy man of late. He just wrapped up a thriller called “Man on a Ledge.” He also has an up-and-coming film called “Phantom” with longtime local David Duchovny. If you can’t get your fill of this fine actor, you can even check him out at Geffen Playhouse where he is starring in “The Jacksonian” until March 25.