Planners deserve kudos


    I want to publicly thank our Planning Commissioners for the herculean job they did on the Malibu Bay Company Development Agreement and its Environmental Impact Report (EIR). All five commissioners unanimously agreed that the agreement (as proposed) and the EIR should not be approved and certified.

    While under immense time and political pressure, the Commissioners put in many long hours to thoroughly review the information and identified wastewater, traffic, biological resources, enforcement, infrastructure costs, Caltrans support, donation agreement shortcomings and much more. Perhaps the most important issue was that this development and donation agreement was not a sound business deal for our city. While all agreed that Development Agreements can be a good thing for Malibu, this agreement has us giving up too much for too little in return.

    Each Commissioner carefully and articulately reviewed why they made their decision. In fact, they were downright brilliant, reading all the details in a mountain of paperwork to uncover fact versus fiction. I encourage everyone to take the time to watch the replay of last week’s Planning Commission meeting on local cable. You’ll see five honest and hardworking individuals do a phenomenal job. Now we need to encourage our City Council to do the same.

    Tami Clark