Living a wild life


I would like to know who generated the complaint to Animal Control regarding the peacocks. Isn’t it city policy that the party that initiated it must sign a complaint? Actually, I would like to talk to this person because I would like to know why people come to Malibu, and then have problems with what we have considered our “way of life”. What do they expect?

We have always appreciated our wildlife-owls, coyotes, deer, mountain lions, ducks, geese, sea life, parrots, etc.-and our farm animals. Sure, at times they can be annoying, but that is part of the Malibu that differentiates us from the “urban” way of life. Green here is not a golf course. We are world famous for our natural beauty which is disappearing because of the demand of the ” beautiful” people and their trophy houses the developers love.

Maybe these people should just go back to where they came from. Their comfort level doesn’t fir with a rural environment. Some people come here for the wrong reasons. They really belong in an urban setting where things are manicured and sanitized. Their kids need ball fields and competitive sports or skate parks instead of the surf or the backyard pony and the animals the Malibuites have always valued as part of our rural way of life. Never mind the traffic this all generates.

Wildlife to these newbie’s probably means their Saturday night parties.

Sherman Baylin