Planetary Themes for the Month of January

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.

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On Jan. 3, the planet Mars enters the fire sign Sagittarius. The new year is off to a good start with some passion on this day! Set new goals, let go of the past and boldly step forward to make 2020 a great year!       


As your planetary ruler, Mars, enters Sagittarius on Jan. 3, you are comfortable stepping forward with new ideas and plans. There is a stronger urge for freedom, travel and taking advantage of opportunities. An adjustment with finances is in store during the first week of the month. Work, career matters and achieving goals take center stage.   


You are in a favorable cycle for expanding your consciousness and taking action to further your career goals. Through the 12th, it is a time to network with others and express your original ideas. From the 13th onward, you can get better tuned in to your emotional needs, deepen your relationships and attract opportunities. 


You are likely to be more serious and goal oriented until the 16th as Mercury transits Capricorn. Money, resources and support from others take on more importance. From the 16th onward, a favorable shift occurs as Mercury transits Aquarius. It’s time for you to shine socially and express your original and inventive ideas!


Personal relationships are highlighted. You can also be dealing with a lot of responsibilities from others. On the third, you move into a cycle for being more active at work and daily tasks. This is an ideal time to start a new fitness plan. From the 13th onward, you are better tuned in emotionally and for the expression of love. 


A favorable shift begins for you on Jan. 3 for expressing your passion, creativity and fun side. Your independence is important as you seek new opportunities. You are also probably dealing with a lot of work related tasks. Through the 13th, you seek intellectual stimulus from others. You may also attract some unusual types!


You are in your high cycle for accomplishing goals and career matters through the 16th.  There could also be some domestic matters that require you to be more adaptable. Keep the peace. From the 13th onward, your personal relationships can deepen on an emotional level. You also have some original ideas to express. 


A favorable shift begins on the third for expressing new ideas and expanding your mental outlook. Through the 12th, your social life and friendships can take center stage. From the 13th onward, there is an emotional shift. You can begin to feel feelings you haven’t felt in a while! Your creative and artistic sides also seek to be expressed.  


On Jan. 3, you can be more driven to achieve your financial goals. There could also be an unexpected adjustment needed with your spending habits during the first week of the month. Try to be more adaptable when it comes to family matters through the 12th. From the 13th onwards, your relationships or romantic involvements can deepen. 


As Mars enters your sign on the third, the tide is flowing in your direction to take action to accomplish your goals! Remember to be realistic and manage your expectations. Your independent streak is strong with the urge to travel and pursue new horizons. From the 13th onward, domestic matters are on more sensitive ground. 


With so many planets in Capricorn this month, you are in your own element and high cycle for taking action and accomplishing your goals in the material realm. Take advantage of new and inventive money making ideas. From the 13th onward, you can get better tuned emotionally and deepen your relationships. 


As Venus transits your sign until the 13th, you are more of a magnet of attraction and expressing love. You may also feel like spending more alone time and have some internal issues that need to be resolved. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Mars in Sagittarius is favorable for being more active socially and making new friends. 


Your social network and friends can take center stage. You can get serious and realistic about setting and reaching your goals! Try to be more adaptable to changes in your career. From the 13th onwards, Venus is in your sign. You are in your own element for expressing love, emotions and attracting more prosperity.