Sherman’s assurances

ISRAEL — Over the past several days I have had the honor of traveling to Israel with President Clinton and several representatives and senators from both parties. We have met with leaders in Israel and Palestine, and my friend and Republican colleague, Jon Fox, and I spent time with victims of Palestinian terror. I am more committed than ever to finding a real and secure peace for Israel.

There has been no lack of talk about the debates in Washington, but there are probably fewer Monica jokes being told here than in the Capitol. The president is making sure those of us voting against impeachment are back in time to make the vote on Thursday — we will be traveling on Air Force One.

I have heard from a number of you via e-mail, fax, letter and phone about impeachment. Like an overwhelming majority of you, I think the president’s behavior was reprehensible — but not impeachable.

This trip to the Middle East serves as reminder that as the House of Representatives and the American public consider the fate of the president, we must not lose sight of the serious problems at home and abroad that still need to be addressed.

Congressman Brad Sherman

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