Think outside the box


How lucky we are here in Malibu to have not just a community but a group of children who are willing to make a stand to protect our environment! I know Morrea and Zia well. It was thanks to their voices and those of many other Malibu children that those much older successfully resolved the problems of Trancas Nursery.

I think it is important to realize that what “Amazon Super Heroes” is doing just the same as what “Preserve Malibu,” the movement that was ignited by our situation, is doing. The central issue here is the recognition of the value of the local people and their knowledge of the ecosystem and culture.

The indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest are the people that are the most aware of the medicinal qualities of the plants that grow in the Amazon that hold the potential for remedies for cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and many diseases that plague our world. They are the ‘nature practitioners’ that know how to protect the forest that provides us with oxygen, fresh water, and a carbon sink.

Amazon Super Heroes is a wonderful example of “think globally; act locally.” Let’s all support this home-grown group of Malibu activists.

Let’s all work together to make this campaign a success. Just as these children’s voices impacted the community of Malibu, so, too, with our support, they may impact the community of the global tribe that we are all becoming.

Debbi Stone, Trancas Canyon Nursery