Letter: Rethinking Endorsements

Letter to the Editor

In response to Mr. York’s opinion piece Nov. 17 edition — Along with “racism” and  “nativism,” I think you forgot “misogyny,” which seemed to be a very strong factor in Clinton’s loss. 

As for the disenfranchised voting for Trump, whom many consider a clown, Mr. York should look at his endorsement of Mr. Peak in Malibu’s election. I find it interesting that despite Peak’s poor judgement displayed by his run-ins with the law and poor attendance record, Mr. York still found him to be an acceptable candidate. I don’t think Mr. York would be pleased if his daughter, if he has one, was dating Mr. Peak. 

Why would he want him to make decisions for our city? This could go on and on, and back and forth, but nothing would change, so I’ll let it go. Thanks for being there!

David Youmans