Support teachers


To those who disparage the efforts of parents and community members to stave off the worst cuts in our district’s history, I say, have a heart. True, many of us will not be able to afford $475 to reinstate teachers in our district, but I also know that there are many who can, and I hope that they will. The net for donations will be cast wide this summer because teacher/student ratios and libraries are important. Counselors and music programs are important. If Sacramento continues to chop, chop, chop and tax increases of any kind (even ones that go directly to our local district) will not be approved, all that is left is private fundraising for the time being. Sad but true!

No one wants to let our fantastic school district slide, bit by bit, into mediocrity. We see the amazing results of our district when we say farewell to our graduates each year. The inspiring grassroots effort to raise as much money as possible before August 15 should not offend anyone.

Our school district benefits from the amazing generosity of parents who give in a myriad of ways-monetarily and with their time. This summer, our citizens, many without kids in school, have committed to giving up their whole summer for this cause. Kids all over are holding “Lemons into Lemonade” stands to help restore their teachers’ jobs. Others are making phone calls. These people will take your “no” for an answer and then keep reaching for their goal.

Heather Anderson