Sirens: Malibu Crime Report

Crime Report

The following crimes were reported in Malibu from 2/17 – 2/28. 


Stolen Identity – A man reported an account at Bank of America was opened in his name without his authorization. 


Gold Gone – A $5,000 gold necklace was reported stolen from a health spa. 


Drunk Driver – Deputies witnessed a motorist driving erratically on PCH and detained a woman for DUI after performing a sobriety check. 


No Call – A CVS shopper reported loosing an iPhone in the store. 

Drunk Dangerous – After witnessing a driver swerving on PCH, deputies performed a routine traffic stop and detained a male suspect for DUI. 

Over Served – Deputies sited a woman for public intoxication after they responded to a call about a drunk woman at Shell gasoline station and the woman told the deputies that she was drunk. 


Dense Drunk – A male driver was cited with a DUI after deputies pulled the motorist over for weaving through lanes. 

Pretty Petty – Shell gasoline station employees witnessed a man stealing two beers and Redbulls from the store. The suspect was later detained for an unrelated incident. 


Lost Bag – A bag of photography equipment fell out of a vehicle during a photo shoot and was reported as lost property. 

Not as Petty – A man was found drunk in public in Legacy Park and then shattered a window of the vehicle where he was being detained and also bent the doorframe. 


Full Lot – Deputies responded to three different incidents of illegal camping. 


Too Fast – A vehicle traveling at unsafe speeds made an illegal u-turn on PCH and during a routine traffic stop, a driver was detained for DUI.