Mike Mulligan

Mike Mulligan

Mike Mulligan is the kick starter of a successful water polo program, a state champion, a California Coaches Association Coach of the Year winner, the owner of numerous water sport victories and a beloved teacher at Malibu High. 

Now, the Sharks boys water polo squad coach is one of The Malibu Times’ Dolphin Awards recipients.  

Mulligan said it’s really cool to be a Dolphin Award winner. The 53-year-old said during his 25 years in the Malibu community he has seen numerous individuals win the award.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to be among that group,” Mulligan said. 

Mulligan is a Dolphin award recipient because of his long and successful tenure at Malibu High School as a teacher and coach. He began working at Malibu High in 1992, a couple of years after starting the water polo as a club unit. In the time since, Mulligan has led the boys water polo team to successful season after successful season. Mulligan guided the team to a CIF state championship in 2014 and was named the California Coaches Association Coach of the Year in 2015. 

Mulligan has also spent some time coaching Malibu swim team successfully. In 2016, the team had 10 boys and girls swimmers finish in the top 10 of the CIF Finals. The year before, the boys swim team finished second in the CIF Finals. 

Mulligan said teaching and coaching are fun challenges that keep him young and motivated to do his best. “It’s never the same thing twice when you are dealing with so many personalities and students,” he said. “The students and the kids can make you laugh, they can make you pull your hair out. It’s just a great experience. There are just so many great families, community members and athletes I get to work with.” 

Mulligan said he enjoys coaching. 

“Hopefully I am having an impact on students’ lives and making them better,” he said. “With the Dolphin Award and some of these other awards I’ve received, I guess I’m doing it right and I am making an impact. That makes me happy.”