Letter: My Fears

I fear that Joe Biden would be a figurehead president, incapable of focus or leadership, who would run a teleprompter presidency with the words drafted by his party’s hard-left ideologues. I fear that Congress would begin an assault on the institutions of government that preserve the nation’s small “d” democracy. That could include the abolition of the filibuster, creating an executive-legislative monolith of unlimited political power like the supermajority here in California; passage of devastating economic measures such as the Green New Deal; nationalized Medicare style health care; the dismantling of U.S. borders; and the introduction of socialist-inspired measures that will wreck an economy still recovering from the pandemic shutdown.

I fear the grip of Manhattan-San Francisco progressive mores that increasingly permeate our daily newspapers, our children’s curriculums and our local government. I fear the virtue-signaling bullies who increasingly try to dominate or silence public discourse and encourage our children to think that their being white is intrinsically evil and that America’s founding is akin to original sin. I fear the growing self-censorship that guides many people’s every utterance, and the leftist vigilantes who view every personal choice through their twisted prisms of politics and culture. An entirely Democrat-run Washington, urged on by progressives’ media allies, would no doubt only accelerate these trends.

Nor do Biden’s national-security positions reassure me. Former Obama-era secretary of defense Robert Gates famously wrote in 2014 about Biden, “having been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” Biden would slash defense spending and likely renew the Obama administration’s misbegotten love affair with Iran’s tyrants. Then there is the Democratic Party’s hostility to the state of Israel. Biden supporters will clamor that the candidate’s history is very pro-Israel, but as president would he be strong enough to stand up to the new Democratic Party’s less-than-ardent support for the Jewish state?

Lawrence Weisdorn

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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