Rain, rain don’t go away

RainCatcher, a nonprofit organization based in Malibu, has created “RainCatcher” systems to provide third world countries with clean drinking water. In honor of World Water Day on March 22, the organization installed dozens of RainCatcher drinking water systems at dozens of schools in Kenya and Uganda to benefit the health and livelihood of thousands of children in Africa.

The RainCatcher system captures rainwater before it hits the ground and uses it to “quench the world’s thirst.”

“Approximately 4,500 people die every day because of water poisoning,” Mark Armfield, CEO and co-founder of RainCatcher, said. “The world’s natural rain water resources are unlimited. It’s time to receive the abundant rain that is given to us and use it wisely. We are putting it to good use and, most importantly, saving lives.”

The organization plans to implement RainCatcher systems in China and India, as well as two United Nations Farm Schools for 700 AIDS orphans in Western Kenya.

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