Arts at all cost


The Malibu Performing Arts Center is a jewel in our city. It must be purchased at all costs by the Malibu City Council. After all, the council was willing to spend millions on the Heathercliff property which is just a bunch of dirt and weeds, and it has voted, absurdly, to spend $3.2 million destroying a beautiful natural area for the Trancas dog park. This is certainly a higher priority and will not destroy the environment as the proposed grading will. I’m sure that they can find enough money to make a reasonable offer.

If not, why not ask the musicians who regularly use the facility to put together a purchase agreement. Certainly Barbra Streisand can fund it all by herself and donate it back to the city. She owes us that much after causing us so much grief with her Ramirez property.

If you have never been, you are missing a wonderful experience.

Susan Tellem