Malibu Gets Failing Grade in Protecting Historic Sites

The Malibu Pier

The City of Malibu is among many LA County cities failing to effectively preserve historic structures, according to a recent study from the Los Angeles Conservancy.

The Conservancy’s Preservation Report Card graded each of LA’s 88 cities and other unincorporated areas on its “current preservation policies.” Malibu was among 51 cities that received an “F.” 

Posting zeros across the board in a point system used to calibrate the grades, Malibu was shown to have no building preservation policies in place, no citywide survey of historical buildings and no way of designating structures the city wishes to conserve for historic value. The highest possible score in the report was 245 points. Nearby, Santa Monica received an “A+” in the study (245 points), including 150 points for having a historic preservation ordinance in place.

If Malibu wishes to improve its score, the Conservancy recommends the passage of a historic preservation ordinance, hiring employees to work on historic preservation and conducting a survey of historic properties in the area.

To read the report in its entirety, visit here.