He’s for the children


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    You indicate that I am part of the old way, and I don’t care about children. You sir are once again a false prophet in our land.

    I list the following only to answer your mischaracterization. I am a founder and a 20 year active board member of Bogart Laboratories, centered at Children’s Hospital, fighting children’s Aids and cancer. We have raised and generated moneys and grants of 100’s of millions of dollars in this battle and are now joyously watching children being healed.

    I have worked diligently for 15 years, since its beginnings, within the foundation of the Fulfillment Fund, a group that gives hope and mentoring one on one to hundreds of underprivileged high school students, as well as giving them college scholarships. Many, many students have succeeded and have now come back to help us help others. We also give cash awards to outstanding teachers.

    I was for many years a director on the board of Find the Children, (the organization that put lost children’s faces on milk cartons), dedicated to returning kidnapped and abused children to their rightful parents.

    I am daily concerned with the health, education, safety and recreation of children. I am a spokesman for and president of MALIBU COASTAL LAND CONSERVANCY. This organization’s hard working members, along with other concerns, have been actively involved, since our first meeting, in the job of bringing ball fields to the children. And we will succeed here too.

    We members have children, many of them young. Contrary to your statements, it is the NEW thinking, not the old, sir, in which we are involved. We consider the WHOLE picture instead of only the parts. Our kids can have it all without “paving over paradise and putting in a parking lot.”

    Every time you try to divide this city by speaking of who likes and doesn’t like the children, it should be a red flag to Malibu that you are using children as OBJECTS to both divide and develop.

    Children can be nurtured without destroying nature. They are nature! They need loving hearts and health and safety and education AND recreation. They can and should have them without learning that they had to destroy the city in order to play here. They will thank us some day for teaching them that the earth’s body and spirit are to be protected and cherished, as well as their own bodies and spirits. They are ultimately the same.

    (Anyone who wants more information on any of these organizations that help children can call me at 310.453.2172.)

    Gil Segel