KBUU Early Morning Newswire Wed Nov 24 – SCE Says It Can’t Do Better On Cuthbert – Blackout Warnings Extended For TYhanksgiving

=. Blackout warnings extended to all of Malibu west of the Civic Center for tonight and Thanksgiving.

=. What may be the strongest Santa Ana winds of the season are due to hit … starting tonight.
=. Plan now … power may be switched off in the middle of cooking on Thanksgiving Day.
=. Edison says it has done all it can on the Cuthbert Circuit to prevent intentional blackouts.
=. A horse is rescued from a seven foot hole above La Costa last night.
=. 13% of the white children in Los Angeles County have been vaccinated against COVID-19. 
=. 3% of the Latino children and 4% of the black children have been inoculated… And LA County is worried about that.
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