Letter: Immigration Laws

Letter to the Editor

This letter is addressed to “When did America turn cruel?” published on June 21.

Precisely what, I wonder, is the mission statement of your publication? It seems that it is neither journalism nor rational persuasion to your clearly socialistic views. My issue is not so much that I disagree with the nonsense Mr. York continually pumps, but rather that he includes so little fact and so much emotion. More should be demanded of someone with both a legal and a journalistic background. I see little evidence of either.

With respect to the fourth, I would point out to Mr. York that “republic” and “democracy” are antonyms, not synonyms. This is fact, not opinion, and something every high school student should be taught. The term “chain migration” is one applied to illegal aliens who are not entitled to entry here, much less the right to bring kith and kin with them. Mr. York seemingly decries our immigration laws while pointing out that his forebearers came here in the ’20s as immigrants. Were they legal immigrants or illegal aliens? My guess is that they were legal and thus deserve no comparison to the gatecrashers at bar here.

When a criminal is jailed, his children are “separated” from him. Those who choose not be separated should stay home. Those who are caught should accept the responsibility, despite the fact that lots of apologists will sing a sad song and decry the “oppressors” who did them wrong.

I could go on and on but will end with this: Why not create a new feature in this newspaper and call it “Mr. York’s Response?” In this way, the publisher could engage with the readership and enjoy a spirited exchange of views. This constant and unrelenting tubthumping for open borders, socialism and multiculturalism really does get old.

P.S. Just what the hell is an African American? Enough with the hyphenates. The last true African American I knew was a lovely white woman from Pretoria. Indigenous blacks are just Americans … and lucky to be.

Steve Jones