Continue conciliation


    We have lost a real statesman and conciliator with the recent demise of Councilman Harry Barovsky. He was a true visionary for Malibu, and he will be missed enormously. I loved his wry sense of humor, his impatience with the pursuit of minutiae by some fellow council members and his burning desire to get to the point.

    I trust that his loss will not cause a scramble for power by anyone on the council. With the municipal election around the corner, I think the City Council should proceed slowly with any attempt to fill the open council seat by appointment. The council that is elected on April 11, 2000, should be the one that makes the appointment to replace our beloved Councilman Harry Barovsky.

    I suggest a moderate appointment such as Emily Harlow would fit the bill, and it would continue the tradition of Councilman Harry Barovsky.

    J. Patrick Maginnis