Business Buzz: Third generation of family business continues to reinvent

Ron Safran with his father, Martin Safran.

Few can say their current business has existed in their family for three generations, but Victory Furniture can.

Current and third generation store owner Ron Safran explained how the business was established in 1945 by his grandfather who saw a need for outdoor furniture, became involved in manufacturing and opened one of the first outdoor furniture specialty stores in Southern California, which he named in commemoration of the World War II victory.

“I think it was a response to the housing boom post World War II,” Safran said. “There became a need for outdoor furniture, and the industry really began about the time my grandpa went into the business.

“He and my grandma worked together and ran the business for over 30 years, before my dad got involved in his early 20s, and [then] spent 30 years in business with my mother,” said Safran, who became involved with the family business about 20 years ago.

The Safran family began Victory Furniture in a modest, storefront location in West Los Angeles, but now operates a dynamic new showplace-a 12,000 square foot showroom in Santa Monica-and has recently opened a 6,000 square foot location in Irvine and a gallery in Cabo San Lucas.

These four locations, three of which have opened during the past seven years, showcase luxurious furniture and accessories appropriate for a wide range of design tastes.

Safran said today’s outdoor furniture trend is the outdoor living room.

“The trend used to be patio furniture, but now it’s about recreating resort living because people travel to all these great resorts around the world,” he explained. “The trend is recreating not only the look, but the feeling and emotion of resort living.”

Furniture pieces used to create an outdoor living room include outdoor beds and outdoor fireplaces.

“The living room setup has really been the trend in the last 10 years,” Safran said. “It has changed how people use the outdoors and it reflects the California lifestyle.”

When choosing outdoor furniture, Safran recommends that comfort and reflection of customers’ design sensibilities should be the top priorities.

He said his favorite part of his job being able to interact with generations of clients, and to enjoy the history and continuity of his family’s business.

“I enjoy being able to take something that’s so well established, but reinvent it for my generation and the next generations,” Safran said.