Destroying communion with nature


Malibu: Views, beaches, mountains and canyons. Views, views, views-every advertisement for real estate homes or home sites emphasizes the spectacular views that are offered by the property. Views are an inherent value of Malibu real estate. To protect these views, “story poles” are displayed for a period of time prior to construction of structures to determine if the planned building adversely affects the established views of nearby properties; if so, adjustments must be made.

So important are views that recent planting of palm trees at Malibu High School sparked objections by residents that their views were negatively affected. Yet without evaluating the affects of the proposed Trancas Park on the views of adjacent homeowners in Malibu West, the Planning Commission approved the plans for the park.

Yes, there are story poles, but these just represent the above ground construction sites without any representation of the elevation reduction created by the proposed “massive” mutilation of a mountain that is an integral view of many of the Malibu West homeowners, including my residence for more than 40 years. Aerial artists’ views have been prepared, but no three-dimensional model has been presented. This “mountain” removal requires the almost-unprecedented amount of grading (100,00 cubic yards) with many potential unknown adverse effects (soil compaction, water draining, etc.), in addition to view mutilation and residence destruction, plus possible damage during the construction phase.

At prior meetings, three different plans were presented; one plan did not require the extensive grading necessitated by the present plan. However, an EIP had not been prepared for this less-damaging plan; an EIP must be done on the plan before proceeding with the “approved plan,” which destroys a mountain and adversely affect the homeowners who have enjoyed their communion with nature.

Bruce Leonard