Malibu Seen: Martin’s New Movie

After soaking up the celluloid in “Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain,” Malibu’s Martin Sheen tries on a totally different role in “The Rules Don’t Apply.”

It’s been an exciting summer at the movies, with everything from Woody Allen’s “Café Society” to another installment of “Jason Bourne.” And all the while, two of Malibu’s most famous actors have been hard at work. Longtime residents Martin Sheen and Ed Harris are wrapping up a fall release with an all-star cast. Their newest adventure is called “Rules Don’t Apply.” It follows the story of an aspiring young actress played by Lily Collins and her ambitious driver (Alden Ehrenreich) who struggle with limited success against the absurd eccentricities of wildly unpredictable billionaire Howard Hughes, played by Warren Beatty. But the plot is just thickening — stay tuned. The film will also feature Candace Bergen, Matthew Broderick and Annette Benning. The movie is billed as having it all as a drama, mystery and comedy. Warren Beatty seems to have done the heavy lifting on this one as its star, director and screenwriter. 

As the cherry on the top, the film will open the 30th anniversary of AFI Fest on Nov. 10 at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Beatty has already been named a recipient of the Academy Film Institute’s Life Achievement Award and is an Academy Award winner. Other AFI honorees include locals like Mel Brooks, Shirley MacLaine, Tom Hanks, Barbra Streisand,

Dustin Hoffman and Steven Spielberg, as well as Jane Fonda, Morgan Freeman, Al Pacino, Elizabeth Taylor and Martin Scorsese.

It’s the first film directed by Beatty since his political satire “Bulworth” in the 1980s, and the first time you’ll find him back on the screen since 2001. In this latest Hughes biopic, you’ll find the billionaire industrialist and movie director in a fantasy tale of a young aspirant played by Collins, who stops into Tinseltown while under contract to the extravagant billionaire. Alden Ehrenrich plays her ambitious young driver and the two discover an immediate attraction — even though Hughes expressly forbids such in-house activity. The all-star cast also includes Alec Baldwin and Oliver Platt. AFI Fest kicks off Oct. 10 and runs through the following week. The film’s classic Hollywood setting makes it the perfect place for its Chinese Theater red carpet coming out party. The film opens on Nov. 23. 



Congrats to Malibu mega star Tom Hanks for his Emmy nomination on “The Seventies.” He’s been taking us back in time for decades, so let’s hope he gets a dyno-mite high five!