Safety in numbers


Lori Gray’s letter last week regarding accidents and safety addresses what many of us who live in Malibu experience daily. PCH is a freeway. Those of us who live smack up against it or up intersecting streets like Corral Canyon, Latigo and Winding Way are expected to merge into 55+ mph traffic, often unsafely and without the benefit of traffic signals. Others of us have our mailboxes and trashcans lining the edge of the freeway and take our lives into our own hands when we get our mail or take out our trash as evidenced by the tragic death of Carol Randall’s son-in-law or the terrible injuries suffered by my neighbor, Rarshad Harandy, recently.

If they want us to be a freeway, then don’t we deserve some of the same safety measures that the 101 enjoys such as signals which allow you to merge safely? The issue of a traffic signal at Corral Canyon and PCH is not dead. In an effort to protect the safety of our community, my neighbor and I have been working with Caltrans for two years trying to get this signal installed. We now need community support. We are circulating a petition asking for this much-needed signal and will soon be making a presentation to the council to solicit their support. If you care about the safety of your own family or the safety of your Malibu neighbors, won’t you please consider signing our petition? For information, e-mail or call 456.2896.

Theresa Tuchman