Back To School Safety Tips

Malibu Lost Hills Sheriff's Department Back to School Safety

Want to make sure your kids stay safe as they head back to school? Malibu Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station came out with some suggestions on how children can stay safe as the upcoming school year approaches. 

  • If your kids walk to school, you should walk the school route along with them to make sure it is safe or at the very least to make sure the route is well known to each child.
  • When you can’t walk with the kids, encourage the kids to walk with a friend.
  • Please encourage your kids not to take short cuts unless they have been pre-approved.
  • Please encourage your kids to be observant as they walk and to be aware of their surroundings. If they think they are being followed they should immediately go to a trusted adult and alert them.
  • If they think they are in danger they should yell “help” or “you are not my dad/mom” and run to the nearest business or back to school.
  • If a stranger in a car asks them questions they should not get close to the car (they could get pulled in) and should be instructed to never get in the car of a stranger.
  • Parents should establish a “code” word with their children to identify a person as a trusted adult.
  • Teach your children that “bad” adults might ask them to assist with something like searching for a lost puppy or similar requests for help. Please make sure they know to never go near any adult they don’t personally know who asks for assistance.
  • Parents, thank you for taking the time to read this information and for talking with your kids about the importance of being safe.

Safety tips courtesy of Malibu Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station