Malibusiness: Preserving Memories With Westside Video Service


Sam Najah has been around video production his entire life. With more than 30 years of professional experience, Najah has owned multiple companies and produced various commercials, but was recently inspired to begin digital archiving.

Westside Video Service professionally transfers videotapes, photos, slides, negatives and old movies to a archival digital file. Najah, owner of Westside Video Service, said his business has been busy with families wanting to archive old memories.

“[My business] is thriving because people are looking into their closets and realizing now might be a good time to archive their photos and videos,” Najah said. “When they [clients] see my services, with pick-up and delivering, it puts them at ease.” 

Located in Topanga, Najah said clients don’t have to worry about shipping or going to a location, with a minimum order they receive free doorstep pick-up and delivery. Clients are able to hand over their memories and Westside Video Service will take care of the rest.

“I service the Westside, so also places in Malibu,” Najah said. “If they [clients] have multiple assets, I can take a look and provide an accurate estimate.”

With a speedy turnaround, an average order typically takes less than two weeks to complete. Najah and his company are able to convert old videos to a high quality digital format that can be easily shared and enjoyed on every modern device.

Najah said some people get overwhelmed with trying to organize photos prior to sending them to Westside Video Service, but Najah tells them: “Don’t stress, just put them in boxes and call me, I’ll give you an estimate.”

“Archive and everything comes back in a flash drive. It’s really simple,” Najah said. 

Since they are a small local business, Westside Video Service ensures the best possible quality in service and results.

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