Exemplary courage

Like a Guardian Angel she flew into our midst, alighted on a branch of an ancient Redwood Tree and told us her prophecy that Love must overwhelm the World. Her name is Julia”Butterfly” Hill and she spent two arduous years living on a tiny wooden platform near the top of a giant Coastal Redwood in protest of the logging of the old growth forest. While in her aerie she was transformed and from that hazardous perch she began to tell the world of the sacred nature of these ancient trees, how they represent the divinity of the planet and why we must not destroy them. At 23 years of age “Butterfly” had emerged from her cocoon to broadcast to Mankind how important it is to love this Earth and each other. This young woman is an Oracle of the highest order and her intelligence and insight would have been well suited for the Temple of Apollo at Delphi in the Golden Age of Greece.

How fortunate we were to be in her presence and hear her speak. Like the sounds of wind chimes, her words drifted into our spirits and gave us all new and positive perspectives as Earthlings. Such a gift, and it happened in Malibu at Earth Trust’s enclave for Justice. Thanks to Valerie Sklarevsky, who arranged for Julia to speak, Malibu was honored by her presence.

Pacific Lumber Company officials, who sought to drive Julia out of the giant tree, threatened her life with attacks by MAXXAM Corporation helicopters and trees felled almost on top of her by logger’s chainsaws. The Corporation did not persuade her into descending from the Tree. No logger had the courage to climb up there (as she had) and force her to the ground. Julia’s amazing spirit sustained her and helped change destructive logging practices by Pacific Lumber. Though much of the Old Growth Forest is still threatened, “Butterfly’s” courageous example and message is being broadcast throughout the World. It will, I am certain, give needed CPR (Conservation, Preservation and Restoration) to an Earth that struggles to breathe.

Mystically, the Tree radiated deeply into Julia’s Spirit and touched her heart. Far from being bitter and angry with the despoilers of Nature, Julia’s message has become one of Love. She believes that Love will inspire others, even one’s supposed enemies, to recognize the Earth’s sacred places and beings that we must revere. Malibu could learn a lot from this devoted young woman. We still have a “Geography of Hope” here and should act in good conscience to protect it.

Ronn Hayes

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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