Many commission appointments open


On Election Day last month, 3,962 Malibu voters went to the polls and roughly two-thirds of them cast ballots that opted for change. The new councilmembers are now looking for people to appoint to carry out that mandate for change in city government. Councilmembers Joan House, Jeff Jennings and Ken Kearsley all have a number of appointments to make to a variety of commissions, committees and task forces. Appointments of the late Councilman Harry Barovsky automatically terminate 90 days after his death March 25, although his appointees can continue to serve until they are replaced. With a few exceptions, all appointees serve “at the pleasure” of the councilmember who appoints them, which means they can be replaced, with or without cause, whenever the councilmember wishes.

The city is inviting applications for council appointments to the Mobile Home Rent Stabilization Commission, Planning Commission, Telecommunications Commission, Public Safety Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission, Architects & Engineer Zoning Ordinance Review Committee, Local Coastal Plan Committee, Malibu Trails Master Plan Advisory Committee and the Code Enforcement Task Force.

Applications must be submitted by 5 p.m. Friday. Forms are available at City Hall, but because time is short, applicants may bring their resumes with them to attach to the form.