Look at bright side


Every city has its share of problems that deserve illumination and a fix. Yet there are always more positive stories that outweigh the bad. So it is with Malibu. Here are a few: the community came together to sink the Cabrillo Port LNG project; local schools are doing fine; crime is very low; two local newspapers are thriving; growth in large part appears to be reasonable; the air is clean, the area quiet.

The Malibu Pier is open and welcoming. Democracy in civic affairs is functional. A dear lady neighbor of mine, who enjoys her anonymity, faithfully reads to small children, is very active in senior events, and is generous with her caring involvement in local affairs. Also, she is a really cute cookie! More residents of all ages are getting involved in local affairs and events. This is all great stuff. I’ll bet you all have great stories to share, too.

So, neighbors, in the midst of sometimes acrimonious public debate, let’s celebrate the best of Malibu: “We, the People.”

Marshall Thompson