On the heals of science


    In her article “Malibu Library salutes healer, thinker and reformer” Saria Kraft covered a lot of material in a concise and fair-minded way.

    Some additional facts on one all-important point might be helpful. The Bible and Christianity were bedrock, fundamental in Mary Baker Eddy’s thought throughout her entire life. She was a devoutly Christian woman and a student of the Scriptures from childhood. Although she spent her first 40 years in invalidism and tried many “alternative” systems of cure, it was to the Bible that she turned when given up by her doctor. And, it was from the Bible that she gained her healing. For the next three years she searched the scriptures to find out how she was healed. After testing the validity of her findings by healing others, she shared her discovery in her textbook, “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.” She says of this, “…I tried him (Quimby), as a healer, … but when I found that Quimbyism was too short, and would not answer the cry of the human heart for succor, for real aid, I went, being driven thence by my extremity, to the Bible, and there I discovered Christian Science.”

    Judy Forrest