Where Walt was


    Dear Sally Brooks:

    This is not a slam on your letter last week about where was Walt & Co. because I agree with you that our political leaders should be involved in local functions. As it turns out, in a city there maybe more than one event going on at the same time that would make it impossible for someone to be in both places at the same time.

    On May 20, I had an event for children called Kids Day America that was in the planning stages for eight weeks. I had gone to the city council meeting in early April to ask that the mayor make a proclamation for this event and that he and the other members of the city council were invited to this free event for children.

    As it turns out Mayor Keller did attend my function and if it weren’t for the political bias of some editors you may have seen pictures of Mayor Keller at my event.

    As for the rest of the City Council I’m with you. Why are they not getting involved more and meeting the voters to see how we feel about issues? Maybe Malibu has to wake up and vote for people who want to be involved more with special events. Whatever the call, I want to thank Mayor Keller for helping make my Kids Day America event a success.

    Dr. Steven I. Sherwin