Letter: Healthy Alternatives

Letter to the Editor

June is National Dairy Month. Time to review the financial, ethical and nutritional burden created by the dairy industry. 

This week, NPR reported that New York dairy farmers, who are blaming slumping sales on the pandemic, are expecting more subsidies. As a resident of New York, where dairy is the number one agricultural export, I find this particularly distasteful. 

Dairy is an outdated industry that relies on a cycle of constant insemination and impregnation of cows to produce milk intended for their offspring. Newborn calves are torn from their mothers so we can steal their milk for human consumption, at a rate of 24 billion gallons a year nationwide. 

Dairy products are laden with cholesterol, saturated fats, hormones, pathogens and antibiotics, leading to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Many people lack the enzyme for digesting dairy products. 

But help is on the way. Food manufacturers have developed excellent nut and grain-based milks, cheeses, yogurts and ice cream. U.S. sales alone are expected to exceed $2 billion this year. 

It is time for everyone to explore plant-based dairy products, for the sake of our economy, our personal health and the health of the animals. 

Eric C Lindstrom 

Farm Animal Rights Movement