Planetary Themes for the Month of June 2021

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.

June is a high energy month with a solar eclipse on the 10th. Lie low and avoid hasty decisions. Mercury also begins its next retrograde cycle from May 29-June 22. Be crystal clear in communications and pay special attention to details. This can be a favorable period for doing inner work, research and dealing with unfinished matters from the past.



Domestic matters continue to be a priority until June 11. Avoid getting into power struggles with others. A shift begins on the 11th. It’s time to come out of your shell and let your fun and playful side be expressed. You will probably be reconnecting with others from the past. They will have some important messages for you.



A shift begins for you on June 2. You can be feeling more emotional and family-oriented through the 26th. The connections with your friends and social involvements can deepen. From the 11th onward, there is a stronger urge to make some changes domestically. Avoid blind spots when making financial decisions. 



There is a tendency toward escapism this month. Keep your feet on the ground and remain practical. It would be wise to be more discerning with your friends or new people you meet. There is an urge to travel, express your independence and learn new things. From the 11th onward, it’s time to let your fun and playful side shine. 



As Mars continues to transit your sign until June 11, the tide is moving in your direction to attain your goals. From the 11th onward, there is a greater focus on getting your finances in order. On June 2, Venus enters your sign through the 26th. You are in your high cycle for manifesting and expressing your feelings.



You can benefit and grow internally from doing inner work and spending more alone time through June 10. On the 11th, a favorable shift begins for you as Mars enters your sign. It is time to come out of your shell and be more active. Let your light shine. You are also likely to be more social and connect with friends from the past.



The focus is on your career or attaining your goals. However, you may have to take some steps backward and re-evaluate your plans through June 22. Take a closer look at the details. There is an urge to escape through your relationships. From the 11th onward, you can be working behind the scenes and spending more alone time.



A shift begins for you on June 2. You can feel more connected to your emotions and family matters. It’s also time to focus on attaining your important goals. Be more cautious making judgment calls. There are probably blind spots. From the 11th onward, your social life can heat up. Friends can play a more important role.



You can get better tuned in to your feelings and deepen the connections in your relationships. However, avoid getting into power struggles through June 10. From the 11th onward, your career or business matters can become more of a priority. When it comes to money matters and investments, take a closer look and play it safe. 



You can have some unfinished business with relationships from your past. When it comes to family matters, you are probably not seeing things clearly. Your finances can take a more serious tone through June 10. A favorable shift begins on the 11th. You can feel the urge to travel, be more independent and pursue opportunities. 



You are in a more favorable cycle for relationships and deepening the connections with family through June 26. From the 11th onward, there is more intensity in your life. Making the most of finances and resources also becomes a priority. In the work area, get better organized. Try to focus on finishing projects you already started.  



There can be a focus on your work and completing tasks through June 10. This is a time to make some adjustments with your daily routines to improve your physical or emotional well-being. From the 11th onward, a shift begins. Your relationships can heat up. There is a stronger urge to have fun and get more involved with others.



The connection with significant others in your life deepens. You are more in the mood for love and/or expressing your creative side. When it comes to domestic matters, you are probably not seeing things clearly. Take a closer look. From June 11 onward, there is a stronger motivation to be active with your work and daily routines.