Letter: Enhancing Malibu

Letter to the Editor

I am a Malibu resident who has seen our city grow from a small town to what we are today — a beautiful west coast Riviera that people from all over the world come to see and that is talked about everywhere. People visit Malibu to go to the beach, to surf, to get out of the heat and to see the celebrity homes with the hopes of running into someone famous so they can brag about visiting Malibu. 

We live in a dynamic tourist town, and that is the reason people come to our very special community — not because of Whole Foods. Every neighborhood has a Whole Foods except Malibu. People will not be driving here and causing more traffic to visit a Malibu Whole Foods when they have their own. People would not be drawn to Malibu because of Whole Foods, but rather to see how the rich and famous live on the most magnificent coastline in the country. 

I am proud to live here and will be even more proud with the privilege of knowing that Whole Foods has chosen to place our town on their eclectic roster of grocery locations. Our extraordinary Whole Foods with a gorgeous park will be like no other and, that will be part of the charm Malibu continues to offer. I have seen the signs at the sight, which is nestled in an area that doesn’t have much development and, therefore, Whole Foods will enhance this ideal location. The only way we will get this to happen is to go out and actually vote “yes” on Measure W on Nov. 3 or to submit an absentee ballot. I am 110 percent voting “yes.”

Cathy Wood