Letter: Know the Facts

Letter to the Editor

I needed to know why Measure R was necessary and how it differed from the zoning and chain store ordinance currently on the books in the City, so I went to hear Rob Reiner speak. I also went to the Civic Center Tour and the presentation at City Hall. 

The program put on by the City did not address the hotly contested issues at all. Their chain store ordinance needs to be expanded to cover all commercial areas to make it equitable. 

Measure R has some serious inequities and is being heavily pushed by a handful of people who have tried to get elected to the City Council and failed. One look around the room told the story. 

Mr. Reiner is a wonderful spokesperson, he has good intentions, but he did not really know what was buried in Measure R or what the real ramifications were. 

A vote against Measure R is a vote that sends the message that Malibu cannot be bought and forever altered by a few very wealthy people. They cannot fund an initiative and slap it on our city in order to circumvent the process. The correct way to effect change is through our elected officials, our land use plan and ordinances. 

Everyone in Malibu has a voice and just as we chose not to vote for these candidates or their agendas at the last City Council election, we must make an effort and turn out to vote against them and Measure R on Nov. 4. 

Kate Novotny