Seniors out in the cold


    I read with interest “Candidates Priorities,” Mar. 16 issue.

    Jeff Jennings did casually mention a senior community center but not one candidate was interested in a seniors retirement or assisted living center. And yet the City Council has been sitting on two such proposals for three years, one by Pepperdine University and one by Malibu Bay Co., and nothing has been accomplished.

    In the meantime, seniors who have lived in Malibu for as long as 40 years have been forced to seek such help elsewhere, e.g., Camarillo, Ventura and Santa Monica, and there are more seniors seeking assisted living elsewhere. But wait, when City Council members are ready for such accommodation, we’ll see the fur fly and Malibu retirement facilities will jump up out of nowhere.

    There is so much tension among city residents, I am surprised that someone hasn’t formed a petition to oust all the City Council and go back to being part of the county. Walter Keller will not have to worry about Deane Dana anyway.

    E. Reta Templeman