Bound for Bakersfield

The Malibu boys' age 12 and under AYSO All-Star team placed first and went undefeated in the Area Regional All Star Tournament in Moorpark. Pictured: Coach Jon Nokes, returning 2008 all-stars Cameron Smoller, Max Watkin, Jake Nokes, JoeMack Leonardo, Scott Pencak, team captain Stone Gettings, Toren Norris, Andrew Tennant and Julian Paige, and newcomers Linus Gordon, Lenny Malmoux and Carson Rudd.

The Malibu boys’ age 12 and under AYSO All-Star team won first place in the three-week Area Regional All Star Tournament in Moorpark by winning all 10 of their games. Collectively, they outscored their opponents 51-5 and were lead by JoeMack Leonardo, who scored 15 goals, including four hat tricks.

The All-Stars shut out five teams, and no team they faced scored more than one goal against them. Malibu’s goalkeeper, Max Watkin, broke his arm the day before the tournament began and nine of his teammates took turns to fill his shoes.

The team now moves on to play in Bakersfield against other regional winners in March, with hopes of then advancing to play in the state championship.