Endangered privacy


    Re: Tina Forde’s letter [“Sign off,” Aug. 6.]

    If the Coastal Commission and the state can erect huge, ugly brown signs on PCH, private beach owners can put up signs on their property. Signs get the message across.

    There is a private beach here in Malibu; it began as one huge private beach. The state has managed to force people out by condemnation and the coastal by reciprocity. Taxes are paid on the sand which is another word for land.

    Environmentally sensitive would mean learning no trash or dog excrement. The public fails miserably here.

    Some people just do not “get it” and think the beach is meant to dominate instead of appreciate. The beaches belong to themselves. Some of the sand has been deeded to form lots or property, which is then sold and owned by people

    The law does state that people can stroll across but not sit on private beach. They can be at the mean high tide line and that in itself is a mean debate.

    Isn’t there something called the American Dream? That’s where you work hard to buy yourself a piece of the pie. The pie in this case is the beach. Why begrudge beach owners? Appreciate what you have, not what you can’t have. I’m always hearing about the rights of the public. What about the rights of the private property owners? What about privacy? It’s happening everywhere to private property owners. If you have a stream or a trail or a view, the public wants access.

    It’s privacy that is endangered.

    S. Ellis