Get show on road


In 2009, the Lower Rambla Pacifico Road Owners Association (Lower Rambla) received a Coastal Development Permit (CDP) to build a private road where a landslide had destroyed the previously existing road. Since the La Costa Owners Association (La Costa) owned property adjacent to this project, the Board of Directors of La Costa thought it would be prudent to protect its property from incursion by the Lower Rambla project due to the inherent risks from potential failure of the road. Minimizing these risks would benefit all 300-plus La Costa stockholders including the Lower Rambla group financing the road.

The La Costa Board twice alerted the city and the Lower Rambla group that, while all involved wanted the road to be built, the project could not use La Costa property for construction and drainage of the new road as stated in the CDP. The Lower Rambla construction began this past summer and in September it was discovered that the project had violated the CDP and began causing much damage to La Costa property. Knowing this, the city wisely stopped the project’s incursion onto La Costa property. All parties are now awaiting revised and approved construction and remediation plans. Every one involved wants these problems to be resolved as soon as possible so that construction can continue and remediations begin.

Rich Davis

La Costa stockholder