Calling campus canines


    Recent events at Malibu High School have caused parents, teachers and students to have a heightened sense of concern about student safety at our school. Yes, we live in a wonderful community, but we have all seen recent examples of violent tragedies occurring in upper middle class communities and we know that Malibu is no exception. It can hit us too.

    One of the ideas brought up at a recent town meeting was the idea of bringing trained dogs to campus for unannounced visits. These dogs are trained to locate illegal drugs and any weapon. They are amazing animals. Many parents believe that the threat of the dogs making a surprise visit would make students more wary of bringing anything illegal onto campus. That has to make our campus safer. I completely agree, and the Malibu High School Governance Council recently unanimously endorsed the idea.

    I am asking for your tax deductible donations to help us bring these dogs on campus and make our campus safer. You can make your checks payable to Malibu High School. The cost is approximately $4,000 a year for two visits a month. We can have more visits if there are more funds.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me. Thank you for your consideration.

    Michael D. Matthews

    principal, Malibu High School